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PEAKE Launches Updated Security Risk Assessments to Protect Medical Practices from the Latest in Cyber Attacks

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PEAKE Technology Partners provides technology support services for growing medical practices in the Mid-Atlantic region including IT managed services, phone solutions and data security. PEAKE has committed resources to ensure its clients not only meet HIPAA and HITECH requirements but take the necessary steps to further protect against the latest cyber offenses.

Cyber security incidents are up 600% since the start of the pandemic (view Interpol report). Due to the increase in security breaches, especially among healthcare organizations, a robust security risk assessment should yield more value than meeting minimums for compliance. To truly protect your practice, PEAKE is offering two SRA options that include additional analysis built for a healthcare environment:

The “Max SRA” package includes all recommended measures to obtain the full picture of your IT security landscape along with resources and expert remediation strategies necessary to mitigate the likelihood or impact of a breach. In addition to complete and comprehensive audits and proofing, Max SRA clients benefit from employee security training resources anda dedicated security expert consultant to help assess the audit results then work with your team to provide customized remediation options.

Medical practices simply seeking to prepare for attestation can take advantage of PEAKE’s “Compliance SRA” package. Beyond a HIPAA Compliance Evaluation, this PEAKE SRA plan includes the scans and proofing required during most security compliance audits. The healthcare industry is expected to perform a security risk assessment every year in order to maintain good standing under federal requirements, insurance or business associate qualifications.

The responsibility to secure protected information intensifies with every new report of a breach. The consequences and cost of compromised healthcare data can be crippling.  Destroyed reputations, devastating fines, and revoked compliance certifications are likelihoods when patient medical records or financial data is leaked. A PEAKE Healthcare SRA will help avoid a security disaster and ensure that your practice meets the latest federal security requirements.

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“Before PEAKE, we were unsure of our security posture, and since using PEAKE’s SRA services, we are able to discern security issues and correct them across all 60 of our locations plus maintain our medical practice cyber insurance in the event of a data breach.” – Irvin Rodriguez as Chief Information Officer of US Foot and Ankle Specialists.

Use PEAKE’s Healthcare SRA to ensure that your practice is ready for the latest federal security requirements while truly protecting your practice. As exclusive healthcare IT and compliance experts, you can be confident that your PEAKE Healthcare SRA covers the unique security threats and priorities that matter for a medical practice like yours.

Learn more about what’s included in PEAKE’s recommended Security Risk Assessment packages and schedule a call with a PEAKE Practice Advisor at 866.35.PEAKE or


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Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Bowie, Maryland, PEAKE is a regional leader in healthcare technology services for private medical practices. PEAKE has assembled a team of experts, its own data center with private cloud services, and a healthcare-focused VoIP platform to ensure PEAKE clients have reliable, secure technology that runs seamlessly so providers can focus on their patients. Learn more at

June 18, 2022

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