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PEAKE Private Cloud for Healthcare Providers

We know that in healthcare IT, there are few more frightening terms than “downtime” for the risks it poses to your patients and practice.
The cloud offers a more reliable solution for your EMR system than hosting it on-site, but most EMR products are still incompatible with public cloud solutions like Amazon AMS or Microsoft Azure.
It feels like there’s no choice but to keep buying expensive, on-site servers and brace for the next failure. It shouldn’t be that way.

PEAKE Private Cloud sets you free from the burdens of on-site hosting.

Your practice and patients deserve the reliability of the cloud, and PEAKE’s custom-built data center was designed to support any on-site EMR system.

Get a closer look at the benefits of PEAKE Private Cloud



  • No hardware single-points-of-failure.
  • No dependence on customer office buildings.
  • Data backups sent to geo-diverse storage site daily.
  • Multiple ISP feeds, power sources, HVAC redundancy, and hardened facilities prevent failures.


  • Effective physical security controls.
  • Hardened private network access.
  • Audit trail.


  • Pay for what you need now, not might be needed in 5 years.
  • Add or remove resources rapidly

Predictable Costs

  • No “surprise” hardware upgrade events.
  • Continuously-refreshed underlying platform.
  • Continuous availability of latest Microsoft software licenses.

Fully-Integrated Solution

  • Single point of responsibility: PEAKE. No vendor finger-pointing.
  • We fully own and control the entire platform, from the datacenter building to the software applications.
  • One bill for all services.
  • Dedicated migration team.

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IT Operations

As a fully-managed service provider, PEAKE promises 24/7 monitoring and rapid response.

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Security Risk Assessment

Protect your IT investment with HIPAA-compliant security and data-management tools.

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Private Cloud

PEAKE’s Private Cloud solution provides predictable cost and performance using a platform tailored to your organization’s needs.

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Hosted VoIP

This system is built to scale easily from 5 to 5,000 employees and includes advanced call center, reporting, and telework features.

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