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What’s New with PEAKE Voice (Feature Update September 2022)

We’re proud to announce the latest developments to our PEAKE Voice platform. These features have been deployed at no cost to existing PEAKE Voice users. Our team is constantly developing innovative features and integrations that best support a Healthcare IT environment. Learn more about what we’re working on. Not a PEAKE Voice user? Add PEAKE Voice to help you better manage that crucial connection between your patients and practice. 

New Product Updates

Music on Hold Messages

Music on hold now allows for injection of marketing or other announcements at periodic intervals. This can be self-managed within the customer portal or we can assist with configuration.

Prioritized Queue Calls

Callers waiting in queue can be manually prioritized, transferred directly to an agent or other party, or picked up by an agent.

Improved Reports

Slight improvements to call center reporting presentation. New tabbed layout replaces old drop-down list format.

Smarter Call Queues

Agents in a round-robin queue (most common among our customers) can have priority levels assigned. This way, higher priority agents are only assigned calls when lower priority agents are all busy.

Custom Profile Status Codes

Call center status codes can now be customized, in addition to the default “lunch,” “break,” etc.

PEAKE’s team is actively working on robust features customized to our healthcare clients’ needs. Sign up for email updates to learn more about our developing SMS and Sentiment Analysis call center features.

PEAKE Voice supports up to 50,000 calls per day for healthcare organizations up and down the East Coast. Learn how we offer reliable phone service along with expert support for growing medical practices at

About PEAKE Technology Partners

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Bowie, Maryland, PEAKE is a regional leader in healthcare technology services for private medical practices. PEAKE has assembled a team of experts, its own data center with private cloud services, and a healthcare-focused VoIP platform to ensure PEAKE clients have reliable, secure technology that runs seamlessly so providers can focus on their patients. Learn more at

September 1, 2022

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