Healthcare IT
That Earns Your Trust

Your team needs to focus on patients, not problems with IT. So we built an army of experts and our own Healthcare IT infrastructure to back you up.

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Systems Monitoring and Support.


Every Call Answered by a Live Tech.


Uptime Guarantee.

Whatever healthcare tech you’re using,
we have experts on our team who can help.

It’s hard to find a Healthcare IT partner you can trust.

Healthcare IT is too complex to manage in-house, and too many IT partners are unreliable and inefficient, which leaves you feeling powerless to provide a reliable solution for your team.

Focus on your patients while your technology runs reliably in the background.

Stay Secure

You won’t have to worry about security breaches or falling behind on HIPAA compliance.

Increase Productivity

Nothing slows down a medical staff like underperforming IT. Keep your patients and your team moving forward.

Gain a Partner

You’ll have more than just an IT provider. As your partner, we always answer the phone and respond immediately to trouble.

We understand that in Healthcare IT, Trust is everything.

Your patients trust you to provide quality care and to keep their information safe, and you should expect the same from your IT partner.

Healthcare IT is all we do. We’ve built an army of experts to support you, and we provide 99.99% Uptime Reliability.
We built our own data center, private internet
network, and healthcare-focused VoIP platform
to keep you secure.
In our quest to earn our clients’ trust, we’ve
acheived a 97% Customer Retention Rate.

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“Before working with PEAKE, our IT environment was so unstable, we would have to halt business operations 4-6 times a year!”
– Dr. Steven Schwartz

CMTO, Potomac Physician Associates

Learn How PEAKE Addressed the Problem

Proudly associated with and serve these medical groups:

Our Services

IT Operations

As a fully-managed service provider, PEAKE promises 24/7 monitoring and rapid response.

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Security Risk Assessment

Protect your IT investment with HIPAA-compliant security and data-management tools.

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Secure Connectivity

End-to-end service options with phone, internet, & faxing designed for medical groups.

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Private Cloud

PEAKE’s Private Cloud solution provides predictable cost and performance using a platform tailored to your organization’s needs.

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Hosted VoIP

This system is built to scale easily from 5 to 5,000 employees and includes advanced call center, reporting, and telework features.

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Telemedicine Services

Expand your care delivery to meet patients where they are at with managed telemedicine.

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Here’s How it Works


Schedule a Conversation

We’ll make sure we understand the unique needs of your medical business, and we’ll build a custom solution that supports them.


Make a Smooth Transition

The most intimidating part of any change in IT partners is the handoff. We’ll make sure it runs smoothly with minimal disruption for your team.


Have a Partner You Can Trust

Trust is earned, and we’ll be working 24/7 to make sure you have secure Healthcare IT that runs reliably in the background of your busy day.

We’ve built an army of experts, our own data center with private cloud services, and our own healthcare-focused VoIP platform so our clients can have reliable, secure technology that runs in the background while they focus on their patients.
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The True Cost of Downtime: A 7-Part Strategy for Protecting Your Practice

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