Press Release: PEAKE Launches Next Generation HIPAA Compliant Hosted Voice Solutions

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March 25, 2021




Hosted VoIP for the Unique Demands of the Healthcare Industry

Washington, DC ( March 25, 2021) PEAKE Technology Partners is proud to announce its upgraded telephony platform for the healthcare industry. Evolved from PEAKE’s existing platform, PEAKE Voice™ offers next-level security, encryption, and multi-site effectiveness delivered seamlessly from a team of professionals that understands the unique security and workflow needs of medical practices.

Patrick Shoemaker, Partner and Chief Technology Officer for PEAKE, said “We’ve built an army of experts, our own data center with private cloud services, and our own healthcare-focused VoIP platform so that our clients can have reliable, secure technology that runs in the background while they focus on their patients. We understand the complexities of multi-site medical practices and have been in the trenches with these practices for years.” PEAKE has been serving the healthcare industry since 2013 with services that include IT Operations, Security Risk Assessments, Secure Connectivity, Private Cloud, Hosted VoIP, and Telemedicine Services. “We could have resold someone else’s VoIP service, like most MSPs do, but we found those solutions always fell short of the true need for these practices, so we built our own. Not every Voice over IP solution is protected in the way you need for HIPAA compliance with appropriate encryption and security. We’re proud to offer a product that takes security vulnerabilities into account to encrypt data while it’s traveling, offers a system for breaches, and understands the unique call flow of our clients,” Shoemaker continues.

Positive Customer Impact

Many customers have already benefited from deploying PEAKE Voice™, particularly during the COVID-19 global pandemic when practices have had to field more client calls, offer telemedicine appointments, and move their existing call centers to remote telework to protect their own employees. Shoemaker said, ‘It’s an honor to serve the healthcare heroes that are on the front lines each and every day.’  Irvin Rodriguez, CIO of US Foot and Ankle Specialists said, “ Onboarding onto the PEAKE VoIP platform has allowed us to streamline a number of challenges we had before. I know the PEAKE’s analysts are authorized to have conversations with our carriers. They know the inner workings of our network. They know exactly how our platform works. It’s literally one source to go to and resolve any technical issues that we may have with our voice platform.  As a result, everything is streamlined into one point of contact to manage all of it.  We don’t have to worry about so many levels of coordination, wasted time on support, or dealing with these things internally. We can focus on healthcare, healthcare technology and we leave the infrastructure and telephony to PEAKE.”

PEAKE Voice ™ Availability

PEAKE Voice™ is available to any PEAKE customer looking to upgrade their services, as well as new customers looking for a reliable and safe solution. PEAKE Technology Partners’ commitment to delivering a better experience for patients and staff is unparalleled. They promise one call, one focus, one solution.  To schedule a conversation about PEAKE’s newly upgraded offering, please visit


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