2023 Cyber Insurance Updates

Watch our latest webinar regarding cyber security and cyber insurance updates by Tim Hilton from PEAKE Technology Partners and Ron Kendall from Unity Insurance, a MedChi Company:

In this current digital age, the protection of sensitive patient data is more important than ever before. As a medical practice, you likely already have insurance coverage in place to protect against various types of risks. However, traditional insurance policies may not provide adequate protection against cyber threats. This is where cyber insurance comes in.

Cyber insurance is a specialized type of insurance that provides coverage for a wide range of potential losses arising from a cyber-attack or data breach. This can include costs related to data recovery, business interruption, legal expenses, and notification and credit monitoring for affected patients.

Medical practices are particularly vulnerable to cyber threats due to the sensitive nature of the information they collect and store. In addition, healthcare providers are subject to strict regulatory requirements in the event of a data breach. These legal and regulatory requirements can lead to high costs and reputation damage.

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Having cyber insurance in place can help to mitigate these risks by providing financial support to cover the costs associated with responding to a breach and any subsequent legal proceedings. It also helps in containing the damage and allowing the organization to recover faster and more effectively.

While no one can completely eliminate the risk of a cyber-attack or data breach, having cyber insurance can provide additional peace of mind and protection for medical practices. It’s definitely worth considering cyber insurance as an important part of the overall risk management strategy for your practice.

Consider these notes from Unity Insurance in our joint-presentation on Cyber Security and Insurance Updates:


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