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Cyber Insurance Updates 2023

2023 Cyber Insurance Updates

Watch our latest webinar regarding cyber security and cyber insurance updates by Tim Hilton from PEAKE Technology Partners and Ron Kendall from Unity Insurance, a

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PEAKE’s Official Guide to Change Your Password Day

PEAKE is proudly promoting “Change Your Password” Day to encourage cybersecurity awareness within the medical community. The healthcare industry is a top target for cyberattacks. Every internet-connected device associated with your practice can be a window for a hacker to steal data or drop malicious software.

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Healthcare SRA Webinar Recap

Rob Warlick, the Director of Marketing and Brand for PEAKE Technology Partners interviews Elisabeth Happel, Cyber Security Specialist and Mary Knotts, Chief Operating Officer, CISSP, and one of the principals here at PEAKE.

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8 Cyber Defense Strategies for Medical Practices

Independent medical practices are being increasingly targeted for cyber security attacks like ransomware. The number of hacking incidents reported in healthcare climbed for the fifth straight year in 2020, according to a recent article posted on Forbes (6/7/21), jumping 42% in 2020. Hacking incidents comprised more than half of all last year’s patient data breaches — 62% — up from 2019. Left unchecked, these attacks will disrupt patient services, cause data leak breaches, result in financial and data loss, and potentially end in legal or oversight actions. Rather than being overwhelmed by these threats, your practice can minimize its exposure and maximize data integrity by taking action now with the following ten best practices in cyber security.

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We were so lucky. Without PEAKE, we probably would have lost 3 months of downtime and revenue. They have the strongest support of any healthcare IT provider I have experienced.
Yolanda Raffert, Administrator
About Women Ob-Gyn
Without them, we would be far less efficient, and we wouldn’t be using the best solutions. They keep us way ahead of the competition in terms of tech, and when we open a new location, the process is painless.
Kimberly Bresnahan, COO
Righttime Medical Care
Before working with PEAKE, our IT environment was so unstable, we would have to halt business operations 4-6 times a year!
Dr. Steven Schwartz, CMTO
Potomac Physician Associates

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