Advancing the Business of Care

PEAKE knows healthcare IT. Our IT solutions are built around security, privacy, and high-availability, with the goal of making the business of care easier, more efficient, and more secure.

Support for Healthcare

We believe in exceptional customer support. PEAKE Support Engineers are available to assist you from 24 hours, 7 days a week. All of our Support Engineers are highly trained professionals that live and breathe our exceptional customer service promise. Since we focus on healthcare customers like you, we understand your unique business and compliance needs, and cater our support to you, your providers, and your practice.

On-site Emergency Response

We’re there when you need us. If a problem requires resolution in person, we will dispatch one of our Support Engineers to your location to take care of it. All on-site visits and travel are included in our support agreements.

24/7 Proactive Monitoring & Maintenance

We’re always on the job. Peake Support Engineers, with help from our automated monitoring systems, keep an eye on all of the systems that support your business. We usually fix problems before you even know there is an issue.

High-speed, Reliable Internet Connectivity

High-speed Internet is a must. With today’s Internet-based EHR and Practice Management systems and services, reliable, high-speed Internet access is critical. Speeds vary by location, but most sites get at least 30Mbps Internet connections. We can extend your Internet service to you patients with wireless guest access. Your patients can browse the Internet, watch videos, and get work done while they are waiting for care. Wireless guest access is securely separated from you business network and speed can be limited so it doesn’t affect the performance of your other business applications.

Secure E-mail, Calendar & Shared Documents

We have the basics covered. Peake provides each of your users with their own email address, calendar, and shared files storage. With options for encrypted email and file storage, PEAKE makes compliant communication methods a breeze.

Managed Health Applications

It’s all about the applications. We know that your practice relies on your critical business applications, such as your practice management system, EMR, and your accounting system. We will make sure that these applications are running smooth. We will place servers in your local office, or in our secure hosting facility, or sometimes both – whatever makes the most sense.

VoIP Telephone Service for Healthcare

We've tailored our phone system to the needs of the healthcare industry. The Peake telephone service is a business-class phone system that brings all of the features you’ve come to rely on in healthcare. Crystal clear calling, multi-line capabilities, extension dialing between sites, call center support and analytics, voicemail, automated attendant, and reporting are all included as part of the service.

Encrypted Off-site Backup and Recovery

Protecting data is important. At PEAKE, we have developed customized backup solutions that fully backup, encrypt, and store your vital business data both on and offsite in our private cloud. We believe in redundancy of backups and therefore leverage multiple backup platforms simultaneously to ensure your data is protected.

Leading-Edge Cloud Technology

PEAKE keeps a close eye on industry trends and ensures that your business is taking advantage of the latest products and architectures. From cloud-based productivity software to automated off-site backup solutions, we ensure that your business is up to date with technologies that fit your specific needs. We continually evaluate and test new products, and recommend them for your use only once they’re ready for primetime.

Healthcare Intelligence & Integrations

Forget one size fits all. Our team can help customize analytics reporting and program integrations that work for your current systems and staff. Our customized reporting applies to nearly all major EHR and Practice Management Systems”
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HIPAA/HITECH Compliance Evaluations

Knowing Healthcare IT goes beyond understanding compliance needs: it requires proficiency in them. All of our support agreements to our healthcare customers comes bundled with a yearly compliance review and Meaningful Use attestation assistance.

We proudly partner with and support a wide variety of EMR and PM applications including:

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