Dedicated Internet Bandwidth

Avoid lost productivity with a proven broadband service that’s designed from the ground
up for business use.

Guaranteed Quality

PEAKE’s business broadband services are delivered over a microwave data network built to serve demanding Washington, DC area business customers. We own and manage the entire network—you’ll never be stuck waiting for the “last mile” carrier to fix a problem, and we can actually back up our 99.99% uptime guarantee.


PEAKE’s fully redundant broadband network is built with proven equipment from Motorola® and Cisco®. From backup power generation to hot-standby radio links, the system is designed to work 100% of the time. PEAKE’s facilities are immune to faults such as fiber cuts and flooded manholes that disable traditional wireline networks.


Strong encryption on PEAKE’s microwave links provides security for your important data. Rest easy at night knowing that our core network is hardened against common attack scenarios.


Our download speeds support today’s video and collaboration services, and ensure quick web browsing. For more demanding applications, custom links can be provided that provide service speeds up to 1 Gbps. Not only our network is fast—installation is guaranteed in days, and service changes can be made instantly, often without a site visit.